Bubbles and light…


Foaming monsters…

Continuing the activity fun times, today was the foaming monsters! The image below gives the instructions but it’s based on white vinegar and Bicarbonate of Soda reacting to form bubbles.

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The boys chose food colouring and we sat back and watched the result! It took a couple of minutes and I did have to add another bit of vinegar and bicarb, but the results were pretty exciting!

Some nice patterns when the two mixtures had come together and the boys had fun using their spoons to mix the two together.


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Monday at home…

Lots of fun had today and lots of activities…

Things like playing with lego, Mr Potato Head, bubbles, playing tractors in the raised bed in the garden, tree pruning, playing on computer, bit of tv, hoovering, painting and cars.

I showed Jac the side render progress but he was more interested in climbing the various ladders now scattered about! There was lots of bubble fun as we’ve been using some home-made mixture for a while which just isn’t as good as the shop bought stuff.

I also stumbled on another science experiment. I’m trying to involve the boys in this sort of thing, to give them the understanding of how things work, while making it fun. This one was about air movement. We went to the top of the stairs and blew bubbles out over the stairs and also from the landing, to see if they would fall all the way to the bottom.

Well, some did and some didn’t. Some were held in place, while others drifted up, while some were drawn nearer the stairs and then down. This proved the theory that the heat from the living room stove actually does circulate into the hallway then up the stairs to the 1st floor. The warmer air was rising in a general channel nearest the living room door, while an opposite movement was drawing the colder air down nearest the stairs.

While a link item was on CBeebies (kids BBC), Sid was talking about Australia, but before he mentioned that, he pointed to the flag and said do you know where this is? He then showed a picture of the Sydney Opera House. Jamie immediately said, ‘that’s in Australia – it’s where they sing!’. I was quite surprised he knew that!

When we were out in the garden, I did some apple tree pruning (which Jamie really wanted to help with) while the boys played in the raised bed. Much milder today and can’t wait for Spring/summer when we’re out in the garden all day!


Big bubbles…

Awesome day mostly in the garden today – Bank Holiday Monday!

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I spent maybe 4 hours clearing out the shed and re-organising it all! Now we can get to everything and also there’s more space as it’s better organised and there’s less stuff in there. Even found a little mouse which was living in one of the boxes. My golf towel seems to have been chewed up a bit though.

Claire also made a cool big bubble maker, from 2 canes and some wool. Good results and the kids loved it (I think Claire loved it more though!). We’re going to make a bigger version and take it to the park.