A night on the town…

Hopefully the first of many photo-pub tours of Gloucester. Fellow photo-taker Mr SKP and I started at the Pelican then headed out into the night.

Night tour 17.04.13 - 05 Night tour 17.04.13 - 07 Night tour 17.04.13 - 09 Night tour 17.04.13 - 11 Night tour 17.04.13 - 14 Night tour 17.04.13 - 29 Night tour 17.04.13 - 23 Night tour 17.04.13 - 28

The final pub on the tour was Cafe Rene and a great band was playing: The Matt Woosey Band. Good night and always a good idea to combine photos with a few drinks ; )



Mum and Dad’s day off…

While Claire’s parents are in town, they very kindly gave us the afternoon/evening off!

Wow, the last time we went out for more than an hour was for Claire’s birthday in February! So, we went out in the afternoon and got back about 7:30.

We went to Costa coffee to start the adventure off and just chilled out in there for a while. We then had a crazy idea of going to Stroud for an adventure, but the bus and trains weren’t going for an hour, so we knocked that on the head and just stayed in Gloucester – don’t want to get too excited!

So we headed to Cafe Rene for a beer and bite to eat, which turned into a full meal!

I ordered garlic bread with cheese, thinking it would be a good snack before a meal later. It was biggest garlic bread i’ve ever seen! Even the waitress said she didn’t know what happened there! For scale purposes, the glass to the side is a pint glass!

So, we then went to another bar, mainly to see the football – Liverpool v West Ham, which we won 3-0! We’re now only 3 points off 4th spot in the league and things aren’t looking so bad now!

Neither of us were up for a big night out so we just headed back for some more food! Anyway, a good chance to take a break from our normal lives and spend some time together.