Jamie = 3!!

Yay – it’s Jamie’s birthday today. He woke up at some god-awful hour (actually after Jac!) and Claire had already blown up some balloons and wrapped a present for him. He’s been after a book called ‘tip tip, dig dig’ and he seemed to really like it. I think we’re going to do most of the things on Sunday, but we did also open cards etc.

I also went into town to pickup the hired baking tins (13 x 9″) and various coloured icing. The tins are only £2 each for 2 days and seem very sturdy. He wants a stripy, rectangualr cake (not sure where he’s got that idea) so now just have to buy another 6 eggs and we’re away. Oh, also party hats! And wrapping paper! And sweets…eeek!

Right, I need a strong cup ‘O tea!