Claire’s birthday…

My lovely wife just had her birthday and it went really well. Her parents, grandparents, and aunt & uncle all came down for afternoon tea and it was good to see everyone.

Above image: real life

Bottom image: Pinterest version!

The cake turned out well and Claire’s Mum made the amazing top piece for the cake, which contrasted very well with the dark brown of the icing. I made the cake, with Claire helping by getting the tins ready and the boys helping to weigh out some ingredients.


Protected: Jamie’s 5th birthday…

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Claire’s 30 something birthday…

The boys and I spent the whole day before Claire’s birthday making a big gingerbread biscuit and also a proper chocolate cake.

It all turned out well but I can’t believe how long it took! I used the new food mixture and it worked a treat. The only problem was the large baking tray, which was just a bit too big, which meant the mixture for each layer was thin and fell apart a bit! The 2nd one came out better though and when iced, it all looked good.


Making Jac’s 2nd birthday cake…

Well, Claire did another brilliant job with the birthday cake!

Jac loved it and tractors are his thing at the moment. I’ve signed myself up to do the next cake, which will be Jamie’s 5th birthday, so i’m going to have to start thinking about it now!


Malteser cake…

A friend of ours brought us a chocolate cake yesterday covered in Maltesers! None left now though!


Jamie party!

On Sunday, we had Jamie’s 3rd B-day party. All went very well and I think he had a good time.

The cake turned out really well and i’ve never seen a cake like it! The multi-coloured zebra cake!