Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX5 battle…

Ok, here’s the most evenly rated two cameras ever…

The Canon S95 and the Panasonic DMC-LX5. A great website by the way, particulalrly the comparisons of weight, dimensions, image quality etc. The following comment basically sums it up well.

‘If you take out the pointless popularity quotient (which is also by far the most heavily weighted item, for no apparent reason), the cameras score Canon S95 = 198.3 vs. Panasonic LX5 = 197.2 – a statistical dead-heat, which is actually a more accurate reflection of the relative merits of these two cameras, which is why they are so hard to choose between.’

I’m leaning towards the S95, even if the overall scores are virtually identical. This is because of better image quality (the be all and end all of digital photos – 10&better than the LX5), better colour depth (more than 70% more colour recognition), smaller, thinner, lighter and last but certainly not least, it’s around £100 cheaper!

Listing all those qualities, it really looks like a no-brainer.



Jamie’s pictures…

Some nice photos by Jamie, using my digital SLR…


Jamie’s photos @ Portishead…

On our trip to Portishead on Tuesday for Claire’s final dentist appointment, I walked around the docks with the boys.

My pic of jac hiding!

We’ve been around there a few times before but the boys seem to really like wandering about the place.

Jamie took some great shots with my digital SLR! Really proud of him and he’s got a good eye for both standard and abstract images (i’m biased, but I don’t care!).


Camera cleaning…

There is definitely a speck of dust of something similar which has got into my camera!

Dark spots in the top left area!

It’s really annoyingly producing the same exact marks on every picture I take. I’ve tried cleaning all the mirrors and lenses both inside and out, but nothing has changed. I’m going to have to take it to the local London Camera Exchange shop to see if they can have a go!


Jamie picture…

Interesting picture of Jamie’s finger taken with Claire’s mobile phone camera…

Plus another from January taken with his camera. Love the abstract and experimetal quality of both the photos.

He’s taken loads so far and i’ve setup a photo blog for his images but I just couldn’t find the download cable for the camera. I’ve now found that and will update that soon.