Tree carving…

An old cherry tree in the park had to be cut down but this turned into a real opportunity for some art in nature.



Pumpkin magic…

Another Halloween and more fun pumpkin carving.

There are three things that i’m doing differently this year…

1) Buying pumpkins early so I can actually do some pumpkin carving on the actual day rather than running around like a headless chicken trying to find the large orange balls of goodness, from shops which have long sold out!

2) Teeth and ‘advanced’ carving: well, advanced for me anyway! I used a craft knife to slice off the outer orange layer to reveal the whiter areas underneath and also the teeth lines looked quite good.

3) We’re going to really try to use the pumpkin after Halloween for cooking, such as crisps, soups, chips, chutney, juicing even. I’ve lost track of the number of pumpkins i’ve seen around the town which are just rotting and dead outside people’s houses.

We managed to get 3 very pale and small pumpkins from the allotment! Not sure what happened there, whether it was the very damp season with limited light or the variety?! In preparation for the carving I stuck post it note faces on the little guys, which the boys loved – Jac especially liked that!

So, it turned out well and I now have two large bowls of pumpkin pieces for the freezer and can’t wait to start experimenting : )


Pumpkin madness…!

I hope I don’t get sued for ‘borrowing’ the following image!

One of our favourite places – Bristol Zoo Gardens. I just noticed an email from them about a Halloween Festival (which looks good) but the header image really caught my attention.

I’ve been vaguely thinking about what patterns to carve into the pumpkins this year but i’ve never considered using the white inside part as teeth! Bloody hell this is some kind of revelation : ) It looks great.

Another idea which is very effective is to carve out the inside of the pumpkin so that there is only a very thin layer of pumpkin – when the inside is lit up, the whole pumpkin glows, not just the cut out areas.

I’m going to need a few more pumpkins ; )


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