A night on the town…

Hopefully the first of many photo-pub tours of Gloucester. Fellow photo-taker Mr SKP and I started at the Pelican then headed out into the night.

Night tour 17.04.13 - 05 Night tour 17.04.13 - 07 Night tour 17.04.13 - 09 Night tour 17.04.13 - 11 Night tour 17.04.13 - 14 Night tour 17.04.13 - 29 Night tour 17.04.13 - 23 Night tour 17.04.13 - 28

The final pub on the tour was Cafe Rene and a great band was playing: The Matt Woosey Band. Good night and always a good idea to combine photos with a few drinks ; )


Snow, snow, snow, snow and some more snow…

Very exciting weather in Gloucester, where it hardly ever snows and when it does, it generally doesn’t hang around for very long. Well, this time we had about 60mm, which was enough to transform the landscape and create lots of photo opportunities.

Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 67 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 58 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 05 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 51 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 52 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 40 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 48 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 34 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 32 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 31 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 18 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 60 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 27 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 10 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 08 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 07 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 06 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 04 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 03 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 02

It normally takes me about 25 minutes to walk the 2km to work, but today, it took closer to 50 – partly due to the slower walking conditions but mostly due to the constant stopping for another picture!

I did eventually get to work and went out again during lunch. It’s such a dramatic and totally different experience and the snow seems to change not only the appearance of the environment, but also the way it functions, including the behaviour of the people who inhabit the place.

Here are the images for display in a gallery format…

Contrasts are enhanced, the light is very even, objects are submerged under, and emerge from the snow, patterns are created and experience is altered. The very recent history of the place is recorded for all to see, in footprints, cycle tracks and writing, then covered over with the next waves of falling snow.


Red light – red sunset…

A view from Cebert Street playground…

Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 10 Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 15 Cebert Street  park 05.12.12 - 17

‘Yes boys, i’ll push you on the swings in a minute…’. : )


S100 camera test – around Gloucester…

I’ve just bought the Canon PowerShot S100 compact camera and i’ve been testing it out, both today around Gloucester in my lunch break and on Saturday when we went to Tewkesbury Abbey.

Here are the Gloucester images taken on a clear, bright and cold day, with some high wind by the Docks.

Compared with my digital SLR, it’s performing very well, but there is a very slight quality difference. This is compensated by the very slim and light body, the HD video, image stabilisation, the easy to change image sizes (exciting new square format!) and the 12 MP. This is basically the best compact camera on the market and it’s going to be with me when i’m out and about day to day, when I would normally just walk past these sorts of picture opportunities!


Protected: Bucklegrove Holiday Park camping…

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‘Crucible’ – sculpture exhibition…

What an impressive collection of artworks!

I’d heard some mixed reviews and the BBC Local website was less than inspiring, but the real thing is very strong. Check the following links for further info.



The range of styles and materials is amazing and i’ve never seen a collection like this before, certainly not on this scale, with over 75 artworks by 45 artists, spread over the whole cathedral and grounds.

The atmosphere inside the cathedral makes for an amazing background for the artworks. There’s even a slowly spinning piece hung above the main hall and a startling Jesus figure which looks like something out of Hell Raiser (the film).

I loved the little figures set in many of the stone alcoves and plinths scattered around the cathedral. Well worth a look.