Go potatoes, go…!

Ok, it’s the most exciting time of the year – all the expectation and hope for the coming growing season, without any of the disasters, pest attacks or unknown disappearances in the night! : )

The growing (pun intended) sense of new life about to emerge.

Chitting potatoes 09.03.13 - 1 Chitting potatoes 09.03.13 - 3 Chitting potatoes 09.03.13 - 4

So, the sight of chitting potatoes on the window sill is something to cherish. I opened the bag up and the majority of the Red Scarlett’s had already well advanced on their own, so minimal chitting needed. Can’t wait to get planting – just need to select and dig over their new home (a bit behind!).


The Chillington heavy duty Canterbury Fork.

Given the lack of opportunities to get to the plot, I have enlisted the help of a serious tool, which will hopefully make digging the plot over a breeze (and does according to one of my fellow plot holders).