Planeat (film)…

Just read an inspiring article on non-meat eating..

A new film called planeat is released in the UK on 20th May. I’ve got to see this, as it partly stars T Colin Campbell, author of ‘The China Study’. A great book about the effects of a non-plant based diet on health. The film should be interesting as it makes the case in a number of significant ways.

My own reasons for being vegetarian include the high cost (£) of meat, environment & sustainability issues and the sometimes serious implications for health.



Book club catchup…

Since I finished Imperial Life in the Emerald City maybe 4 months ago, i’ve just been working through the cornerstones of western civilisation’s literary classics… Well, as you can see from the list, the term ‘light reading’ is probably a better description!

High Society – Ben Elton

Congo – Michael Crichton

The Andromeda Strain – Michael Crichton

Digital Fortress – Dan brown

Iain M. Banks – The State of the Art

Kim Stanley Robinson – Icehenge

Pamela Stephenson – Billy

I’ve found that I only get a chance to read anything last thing at night before bed, which means i’m generally tired and not in the mood for digesting anything remotely complicated or challenging.

I started The China Study (Dr. T. Colin Campbell) ages ago and have only just picked it up again. I’m really glad I have, given it is a seriously important book for anyone interested in their health, or the health of their families. The study is the biggest and most comprehensive study of nutrition ever carried out and the results are quite incredible.

When I finish reading it, i’ll post a proper review.



I’ve just re-read a very cool book by Ian M. Banks called ‘Consider Phlebas’

I bought a signed copy about 10 years ago as it made a bit of an impact on me. The scale of the book is impressive but in the end, it all comes down to very human details.

I’m now reading ‘Use of Weapons’ by Banks (if I get tired of the China Study!).

I’m also reading ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell. This is a seriously important book and involves literally thousands of scientific studies on the subject of nutrition and human diseases.

One of the books most obvious points so far has been the link between animal protein (from any source, but notably some very specific proteins found in milk) and cancer of various types. The books presents very convincing and weighty evidence of the direct link between animal protein and cancer development and is the main reason my Mum is now a vegan!

Since Claire first read the book, we have certainly cut down on the amount of milk and cheese we eat but the more I read, the more impressive the results and conclusions become. There is also strong evidence presented that switching from an animal-based diet can in fact stop or reverse the spread of cancer in humans.

I would urge anyone to read the book, but the Wikipedia entry is a good summary of the issues.