Advent reindeer…

Instead of an advent calendar this year, we’ve gone for a magic reindeer – as you do!

The idea is that each day, the boys open one of the drawers and inside is either a chocolate or a little toy. The only thing is remembering to put that in each night!



Wooden Easter eggs…

A potentially good idea for an Easter egg hunt! Instead of using actula chocolate eggs, use wooden ones, which are then traded in for real ones. The original idea was to not waste the real ones when they’re not found, but it actually might be more of a waste to not find the wooden ones!

Anyway, some of the wooden ones can be hung from tree branches, so this would also extend the area of exploration! We’re keen to do a big hunt this year and i’m trying to think about it a bit.

Another idea is to combine the egg hunt with egg painting.

A couple of links to wooden eggs.


Claire’s 30 something birthday…

The boys and I spent the whole day before Claire’s birthday making a big gingerbread biscuit and also a proper chocolate cake.

It all turned out well but I can’t believe how long it took! I used the new food mixture and it worked a treat. The only problem was the large baking tray, which was just a bit too big, which meant the mixture for each layer was thin and fell apart a bit! The 2nd one came out better though and when iced, it all looked good.