View into water-filled light tank and reflections, plus other images from Bristol Zoo.




Ikea cushion cover…

Amazing colour and contrast from Ikea textiles!



Bristol graffitti…

Walking up Stokes Croft in Bristol – always an uplifting experience!


Francoise Nielly art…

Some stunning portraits. Amazing texture and colour.


Painting 2…

Since the exhibition that I put on of my photos and some artwork (Jan ’10), I’ve basically not done anything else, except work, spend time with the family and work on the house (or so it seems)!

The last artwork things I worked on before the exhibition were the Japanese style B&W line images. I want to develop this further but there’s been so little time and head space to do it. One of the techniques I want to try is black ink painting, combined with charcoal – still a mainly B&W approach but with some texture.

But, as we were painting today, there were a few ideas related to these things which I tried out.

– Horizontal brush strokes with alternating thicker start points, leading to a partial end

– Alternating colour bands with bolder solid colour mixed with partial strokes

– Opposite direction lines scraped through brush strokes

I want to try and get a more textured and organic feel to the line artworks but i’m going to have to keeping working on things!



Awesome site with some really nice colour examples within architecture…