Day 057 – colours and a cat…

Walking around town there are always things changing. Colours stand out where before they merged with the background, new developments are always coming and going and people are moving around.

I like the way people on the canal boats by Gloucester Docks personalise their space – the guy with the cat and planter is a good example : )

IMG_4501 IMG_4505 IMG_4502


Day 043 – painting at home…

Home education with the boys at home today, started out with some colouring, painting and workbooks. I love the wet poster-paint effects and the streaks of colour which appear in the partially mixed paint pots – I just wish the glistening and vibrant nature of it would stay – part of the reason why i’m now experimenting with acrylic paint : )

Inside paint pot 24.06.13 Paint splatter 24.06.13 Colour wheel 24.06.13


Day 022…

A layered image in terms of colours and construction – alternating spectrum but repetitive line angles.

Blinds 03.06.13


A new climate change colour is created…

One of the reasons why people in general are maybe less concerned about climate change than the science is saying we should be, is that there are very few immediate or noticeable changes. If the world has warmed only 0.7 degrees C since the start of the Industrial Revolution, then how are we meant to be responding to this? What cues or events are there for us to respond to?

A recent event, or series of events, linked directly to climate change are the Australian bush fires which have been ravaging many parts of the country. For me, one of the most significant visual representations of the reasons for the bush fires (the excessive heat) is the adding of a new temperature range to the Australian heat maps.

PDF of the article here: Australia adds new colour to temperature maps as heat soars | Environment | The Guardian

Australian Bureau of Metereology temperature map

The new range is 52-54 degrees celcius. That is more than halfway to boiling, in the open air. While the hottest areas will be in the warmer central region, the coastal areas don’t escape the heat, with the average temperatures across the country reaching 40 degrees. I can’t say i’ve ever experienced that sort of heat near the 50 degree range and i’m not sure I want to. The highest i’ve got is maybe nearer 40 degrees in maybe Florida or Thailand, but a full 10 degree more than this? Wow.

As of 2009, Australia was number 11 on the global list of CO2 emitting countries per capita of population.

There are plenty more reasons to believe this ranking will keep rising over the next decade, with the huge fossil fuel energy and mining projects coming forward. The actual inhabitable area of the country is already small and will carry on getting smaller.


Out and about in Bristol…

A cool and random night out and good chance to have some time away from Gloucester and our two lovely boys!

If you ever get a chance to see the comedian Philberto, you have to go – one of the best stand ups I have ever seen. His impression of a Glaswegian was awesome.


Rainbow Scrape ll and lll…

So, another painting session with the boys resulted in more leftover paint… Rainbow Scrape 2 and 3 are born!

The 1st go ended up being a wave pattern and I wanted to get a range of effects and colours. One of the things I noticed once the painting had dried was the fading of the colour intensity. The water-based poster-paint looses it’s intensity so i’ll switch to acrylic paint for the next try.


The 2nd go was similar to the first but with a single sweep of colour. I love the blending and the liquid form plus the join between the A3 sheets of paper which curl up when they’re wet.

The final thing I did to try and get a boosted intensity effect was to place the sheet on top of the lamp shade.


‘Rainbow Scrape’ – start to finish…

We had finished painting a few pictures and there was still what looked like a completely untouched palette of various colours. So, instead of just washing this up and wasting the paint, I decided to use the paints and see what happened.

Each stage was completely improvised with no previous idea of any structure or even use of tools. The end of a paint brush was first used to cut across the individual colours then the blending got stronger. I used the straight edge of a spirit level to get the smeared effects and raised and lowered it as I drew it across the page.

I then added another piece of A3 paper to extend the image – maybe 1 step too far for the final product but it was fun to try out something i’ve never attempted before : )


Rainbow chard…

There is nothing more intense from the allotment than the colours and contrasts found in the rainbow chard plant – awesome sight and always lifts my spirits!


Ikea – the home of crazy fabrics…!

Which one to choose? Some very nice fabrics at Ikea and the chips and gravy is the best!


The application of colour…

Layers of colour, one after the other, different marks and different effects.