Ikea cushion cover…

Amazing colour and contrast from Ikea textiles!




Day 019…

Lemon Yellow, Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue, Sap Green and Titanium White. Not always the colours i’m naturally drawn too but this is a detail of one of my recent acrylic paintings.



World Tour of Bath #2 – City of Bath College…

I saw this building through gaps in the buildings surrounding the spa development and headed over there.

This structure really stands out from the surrounding urban form – both from the modern cream block of the older college buildings and the Georgian era stone buildings. I absolutely love the form, style and materials, the series of vertical alternating width standing seems, but not the very dark finish – a bronze or copper would have been incredible.

Something to highlight the stark contrast – the stone building opposite with the tree shadow – tattoo anyone?


Small house – Unemori Architects…

Achingly good design – love the contrast of the ultra-modern architecture and the seemingly haphazard power-telephone lines which surround the block.



Sometimes you see a creation and want to just pull up a chair and sit in the street staring at it. This is a bridge to public art.


Window tape…

Taped up window plastic sheet draft-proofing an old kitchen window. The corners are highlighted with contrasting areas of black, using the strong outline of a coloured glass ornament and area of shadow, with strong afternoon sun through the centre.


Chair layers…

Silhouettes of two chairs (fore ground and background) on a backing of doors. I’m trying to use the contrasting lines from the horizontal and vertical.