Veggie feast toast…!

We had some essential ‘must use this stuff up’ in the fridge and I was determined to not waste it! : )

I used 1 stick of celery, a few large tomatoes, the same proportion of cucumber, a good dollop of red tomato chutney (which I made last year – yum!) – all mixed together and slowly fried in a pan, until everything is slightly soft and the tomatoes have cooked down slightly and it has become slightly thicker.

This is then spread thickly on a piece of toast. Yum.


Green juicing…

Being at home more with the kids has defo got me more into the whole food / cookery / baking groove. There is a certain amount of pressure to feed the boys good food and to come up with new and exciting things for everyone to try – doesn’t always work but i’m certainly trying more things out.

One of these i’ve recently started doing (after following my fab wife’s example) is to get the juicer out and start making green juices with the boys helping out.

We have a L’Equip Omni Juicer 6 in 1 brand juicer which does pretty much anything and the benefits are mostly about getting the maximum amount of nutrients out of the vegetables and fruit while not having to eat masses of fruit or veg. Anything goes with this, but we tend to use cucumber (don’t peel them as the nutrients are mostly in the skin), apples, oranges and some kind of leafy green veg, such as rainbow chard or spinach, then with some added apple or orange juice for added sweetness. The flavours balance out and it’s an awesome drink to go with a snack or meal, or some people just have a large juice on its own.

The ingredients

What i’ve found really useful about this is the benefit of using leftovers and things which are just past using to eat, or if there is too much of something – such as a big crop from the allotment.

The tiny amount of ‘waste’

Here’s the juice I made today with Jac (my youngest boy), actually mostly gone from the glass! : )

The green juice – nearly all gone!

The other thing is ways of using the leftover pulp, which is mostly the fiber from the fruit and veg. Seems a shame to waste this part as fiber is so important to general health.

Here’s a good site for some ideas, but i’ll probably try adding some it it to a stew.

Left over pulp (to be reborn in something else soon)!

A final idea is about storing the juice. This can be done by putting it into a sealed jar, with as little air space at the top as possible. Should keep for 24 hours but it’s best to drink fresh.

Happy juicing!


Potting up begins…!

I really feel Spring is on the way, now i’ve actually got my hands dirty and potted up my first seeds for the year! Claire has already done some pots of various salad type things so i’m lagging behind a bit.

I try and think of a main activity to do each day, even if it doesn’t last very long. It seems to help me and the boys focus on something, rather than lots of different things. We always end up doing all sorts of things each day but I try and at least get them interested in the main thing.

So, I got a bucket of soil from the garden and some pots, trays, seeds and a trowel. I just brought it all in to make it easier for them to use on the table. Far less stressful than painting!

My favourite are the toms and we’ve got all 22 organic Italian toms in, as well as a tray of cucumbers (to eat or as a base for green juices). The other important side is attracting wildlife to the garden and last year the lavender brought lots of bees with it. I’ve put a few seeds in each pot and will see what happens. Finally, some pots with Claire’s Granddad’s Marigolds. Really good flowers and very tough. This last year the ones in the front beds came back 3 times during the year!

Jac mainly helped by trowelling soil into the trays and Jamie cut the tops off the seed packets and pushed some of the cucumber seeds in.