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Some good progress on the renovation of the utility room (which was the ground floor bathroom at the back of the house) and the hallway, stairs and landing (HSL) area.

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The wall paper has been stripped from most of the walls in the HSL and any holes filled in. Some of the hallway plaster had blown, mostly around where a long radiator used to be – the plaster had dried out too much. So, handy Matt knocked out a few places and filled it back in, mostly in a way approaching smooth and flat!

New skirting was also fitted on both sides and there were a few tricky padding out operations to be done. I made sure the skirting was raised off the tiled floor by about 15mm, to allow for new carpet which will go in the hallway once all the decorating has been done. We’re thinking something like sea grass matting or similar, which will be hard wearing right by the front door area.

The coving on the landing ceiling took a whole day in the end, due mainly to the really awkward angle on the new bathroom wall. Because of the 45 degree angle, the angle of the coving had to be 22.5 degrees, which was a total pain in the arse.

Claire was working on the utility and has painted everything, tiled and grouted and just a bit of boarding and skirting below the tiles to do, but a huge improvement. Tiling is very straight and it’s provided a much better area – final photos on the blog once it’s done.

We’re at the painting stage in the HSL so there will be some big visual improvements soon(ish) : )


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The Technics arrive…!

So, i’ve waited 13 years for this day…

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Maybe the best vinyl turntables ever made. The industry standard for the last 20 years: Technics SL1210 MK2.

Claire told me they had arrived around lunchtime, while I was at work – I was seriously tempted to just do a half day. I got a bit worried when she said the delivery guy had rolled them into the hallway, but then she said ‘gently’!

I’ve had a quick look inside and read through the instructions, but i’m waiting till the table for them is delivered and we’ve finished the skirting behind the table before it’s setup.┬áIt’ll be a good incentive to get the living room decorating done.

I’m also going to build an MDF case for the whole table, which can slide over the whole lot, to protect the equipment and provide a surface for a nature display. This will also cut down on the visual clutter.