The end of my digital SLR road…!

Ok, this is going to sound more than slightly odd coming from someone who is fairly into photography, but my very recent sale on Ebay of my Canon EOS 400D really felt like a relief.

Not really sure why but it’s almost like owning the SLR was a bit of a pressure to take pictures in a certain way or with a certain approach. The physical characteristics of the camera (heavy, bulky etc) meant it was also harder to just take anywhere and carry in a pocket. Getting quick pictures of fleeting moments was nearly impossible, given most of the time I would carry it in a bag.

It’s competitor and eventual replacement is the Canon S100, one of the more advanced PowerShot types, which actually integrates the same technology from the 400D into the very compact body of the smaller type. The digital image stabilisation works well and the image quality is virtually indistinguishable from the SLR – various technical reviews rated it as a 20% drop in quality but the 10MP level of the S100 is more than I need for where I am right now.

I also LOVE the range of image sizes, from wide angle to portrait and this function has started to alter the way I approach photography and I now frame certain types of scenes according to what works best as an image ratio. Before this starts turning into a total advert, the other thing is the HD video function (or other quality settings). Easy videos of the kids are now the norm, rather than carrying the video camera as well. After using a wide range of cameras over the years, this is by far the best i’ve come across.

So, I took the step originally to jump into the more ‘professional’ approach to photography by buying the SLR but circumstances and lifestyle have combined to drive me away from this approach. Maybe in the coming years this will change but seeing how technology is changing so rapidly, my hunch is that the PowerShot compact approach is here to stay : )



Jamie’s pictures…

Some nice photos by Jamie, using my digital SLR…