Wall-E Jamie 2…

Since watching Wall-E for the first time last week, Jamie has really got into the theme!

He used my collection of badges and pinned them onto his lego PJs, pretending to be Wall-E. He’s started talking like him and has a little bowl with his collection of interesting objects.

Claire and I have both made Wall-E related lego models and he loved the one Claire made!

I also showed Jac how to play Downfall. He was getting slightly frustrated at first but then picked how to turn the wheels and line up the adjacent holes really well. He sees to like detailed technical activities.

Also a super-hill train track!


Wall-E Jamie…

We just watched the Disney/Pixar film Wall-E the other day for the first time. Great film but I thought it was a pretty bleak start! Then I remembered that Disney only distributed it. Pixar created and produced it.

Anyway, Jamie seemed inspired by it and made a Lego Wall-E with Claire!