Layers of time…

A walk around the former prison and Docks in Gloucester. Looking at layers of materials and time.


Modernist dream…

Three slightly different examples on the modernist civic style from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Thin metal frames with large areas of glazing with coloured panels below. These are just by the Docks in Gloucester.


Making tracks…

Late afternoon sun on tram tracks running through Gloucester Docks + a steam crane in silhouette.

Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 1 Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 6 Docks tracks 19.07.13 - 4


Day 057 – colours and a cat…

Walking around town there are always things changing. Colours stand out where before they merged with the background, new developments are always coming and going and people are moving around.

I like the way people on the canal boats by Gloucester Docks personalise their space – the guy with the cat and planter is a good example : )

IMG_4501 IMG_4505 IMG_4502


Day 052 – corten steel wall…

A building detail of one of the more interesting structures within Gloucester Docks – a corten steel, single-storey restaurant, with sharp lines and a strong presence amongst the much larger, brick-built warehouses.

The corten steel material rusts, erodes and changes during its lifetime, creating almost a living structure.



Day 045 – cloudscape…

A sunny day walking around the Docks and spending a bit of time looking into the water : ) The first image is part of an outboard motor.

Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 02 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 Docks and canal 26.06.13 - 04 - Version 2

Two versions of the same image above. The original colour version was converted and enhanced in iphoto and it’s amazing the difference which can be achieved.


Photo tour 3: Baker’s Quay…

The third in the series of Gloucester evening photo tours. Myself and Mr KP wandered the largely derelict historic Bakers Quay area, which is adjacent to Gloucester Docks. The area is full of Georgian and Victorian (1850’s – 1901) warehouses and which is in the process of being joined into the living fabric of the city once again.

Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 03 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 05 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 07 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 04 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 06 Gloucester images 11.06.13 - 14

Refreshments included a Wadsworth 6X beer in the Tall Ship pub and a Red Stripe Jamaican lager-beer in Cafe Rene + a cheeky slim cigar which a work colleague just brought back from Cuba : )


Day 018…

While visiting Portishead near Bristol, for our family dentist appointment (deep joy), I took a few quick shots of one of the impressive public artworks just by the docks, titled ‘Flying’, by Lucy Glendinning.

IMG_3139 IMG_3140

Check the website:

“I wanted this sculpture to reflect the feel of the site, to give the sense of scale that being by the sea gives us, the feel of the wind and its effect.  The impression of freedom and power the sea lends through its elemental force, as well as being a point of travel and adventure.

The flying figure gives the sculpture a gravity-defying energy, an uplifting and celebratory sense which communicates a conscious or subconscious confirmation of human achievement.” (Lucy Glendinning)


Day 015…

A Bank Holiday Monday trip to the Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, at the Docks, with our friends from sunny Swindon ; )

Tall Ships 27.05.13 - 14

Tall Ships 27.05.13 - 01


A picture a day: Day 001…

I’ve seen many other blogs which post at least one image everyday for a year. Maybe as a way to inspire yourself to focus on photography and promote consistency. There are probably many different reasons but i’ve decided to do the same and this is the first day ‘001’. Hopefully each image will appear daily but no doubt life and all its wonderful elements will conspire to delay various photos from reaching the photo cloud.

Gloucester Docks light reflections and building shadow.

Docks light 13.05.13 - 21


Around and about Bristol Harbourside…

A great trip to Bristol’s Harbourside, to visit the boys Grandma. We walked around the docks areas and had lunch at the very well-situated Arnolfini art gallery, then over to the M-Shed, where there was an exhibition of Bristol’s connections to chocolate, with associations for industry and the slave trade.

Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 30 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 50 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 21 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 10 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 07 Bristol with Grandma 20.04.13 - 56

Over to Millennium Square for some running around and paddling in the water-feature pools, then back to Grandma’s flat. A gppd day of education for the boys (and adults).


Lock Warehouse lighting scheme…

The latest architectural lighting scheme for Gloucester, applied to the Grade ll listed Lock Warehouse within the docks basin.

Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 20 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 10 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 08 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 19 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 15 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 13 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 02

Here’s the gallery format for the photos…

The scheme is made up of 24, bi-directional wall-mounted lights, which illuminate both the building itself and the area surrounding the building.


Snow, snow, snow, snow and some more snow…

Very exciting weather in Gloucester, where it hardly ever snows and when it does, it generally doesn’t hang around for very long. Well, this time we had about 60mm, which was enough to transform the landscape and create lots of photo opportunities.

Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 67 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 58 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 05 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 51 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 52 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 40 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 48 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 34 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 32 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 31 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 18 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 60 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 27 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 10 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 08 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 07 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 06 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 04 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 03 Snowy Gloucester 18.01.13 - 02

It normally takes me about 25 minutes to walk the 2km to work, but today, it took closer to 50 – partly due to the slower walking conditions but mostly due to the constant stopping for another picture!

I did eventually get to work and went out again during lunch. It’s such a dramatic and totally different experience and the snow seems to change not only the appearance of the environment, but also the way it functions, including the behaviour of the people who inhabit the place.

Here are the images for display in a gallery format…

Contrasts are enhanced, the light is very even, objects are submerged under, and emerge from the snow, patterns are created and experience is altered. The very recent history of the place is recorded for all to see, in footprints, cycle tracks and writing, then covered over with the next waves of falling snow.


Walking home from work…

Walking home on a cold and dark night after work. Reflections, contrasts, high exposures, shadows and blurs.