Smoke doors…

Steam from a cup of fresh tea in the foreground, with shiny white cupboard doors in the background. I tried to pick out the contrast between the fluid smoke and the hard lines of the doors, as well as the light reflections and the dark shadow lines.



Chair layers…

Silhouettes of two chairs (fore ground and background) on a backing of doors. I’m trying to use the contrasting lines from the horizontal and vertical.


Garden stuff…

So, continuing the lack of progress with the bathroom (technically we’re still waiting for the sink tap)…we got on with more stuff in the garden, including airing out the tent and loading the new wood store with part of the wood supply for this winter.

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Jamie had loads of fun running under the tent ‘den’ and I also put another layer of plastic sheet on the top of the wood store. Still have to oil it or something similar to keep it getting soaked through.

Also a couple of pics in the slideshow of the light coming through the panel part of the under-stairs cupboard door + condensation on the inside of Claire’s seed propagator + the plum tree in blossom.