Amazing double dormer idea for a loft conversion.



Loft conversion…

Following the ‘anything goes’ comment by the loft guy the other day, Claire checked out the actual rules on the Planning Portal website. This gives everyone all the Planning information and has some really useful guides and animations etc.

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Above are a couple of screen shots, one showing the calculator which you can use to work out what the cubic volume is of the new extension and the other showing one of the slides from the guide. The last one is part of the 3D house model i’ve created to help us see all the changes we’re making, before we make them.

Anyway, the model image shows the maximum dormer we could have (given our specific situation), and this only comes to just over 18m3, with the maximum allowed size being 50m3!

So we’re well within the allowed size but it’s still going to look like a beast! Not sure about the appearance of it but would give us a huge space. More info soon.