imac issues…

Here’s a picture drawn by Jamie showing that we can’t use the mac at the moment! It’s having all sorts of issues loading things up and it’s off to the repair shop.

The drawing shows Daddy, Mummy + Jamie and Jac, with the mac and a big cross over it. No blogging for a while me thinks. : ( I’ll just have to back-date a whole load of posts!


Monster drawings…

Another fun activity with the boys. Jamie got really into the drawing which he doesn’t normally go for. Really like his style and he had a go at it. His scribble ones were drawn using 3 pens held in the same hand. I’m sure he’s never seen us doing this so quite an original approach!

I also had a go and love the simplicity of the style. Jac was also having a go but generally scribbling.


Jamie’s Balloon…

Jamie’s great colour drawing of a hot air balloon, with blue sky and red basket.


Pipe-cleaner bugs…

Some cool pipe-cleaner bugs which turned into straw bugs (as we didn’t have any pipe-cleaners).

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From the book ‘365 things to make an do’ (Usborne Activities). Some great ideas in there and the boys seem quite inspired by it.


Big wave…!

Jamie managed to watch about 2 minutes of the news the other day, which happened to be showing footage of the tsunami crashing over a river bank. We hardly ever let them watch the news, given the content is usually either violent or possibly disturbing.

But, the 2 minutes he did see included a few large fishing boats floating towards the submerged bank of the river, then being carried over and then under a bridge, then being smashed to pieces by the force of the water!

The day after, he drew the ‘big wave’ picture! The very bold red at the centre he added after the original image, which was lots of diagonal lines.


New header image + Jamie writing…

I’ve been getting a bit bored with the look of my blog and have tried to alter a few things recently.

I tried switching the background colour to black, but all the hyperlink text came out a strange blue green and just didn’t work. I’ve checked other themes on WordPress but there’s nothing quite right! I’ve also altered the photos tab on the left with a grid of photos, rather than a slideshow, making it easier to scan all the images.

One of the better blog styles i’ve seen is the Slugs on the Refrigerator blog, with great fonts and image styles + with a much wider layout.

So, the next stage is to just get the CSS upgrade for WordPress, learn how to use the CSS programming then update and later my blog. There are some serious time constraints with that though, given how much else we have on, so i’m just going to have to put up with it for a while!

Anyway, i’m quite pleased with the home page right now and have just changed the header image to a recent bit of writing that Jamie did.

So far we haven’t been pushing the reading or writing with him, just reading a lot with him. He’s been getting the hang of words and sentences and keeps asking what various words mean etc.

But for the boys card to their Mum, I got him to trace over some dotted letters, to form his name. He did it really well and was really concentrating on it. I also suggested to him that writing was just like drawing, as it’s all based on symbols + you use a pen etc just like when he’s drawing! So I might do more of that with him to get him used to writing more.


Joshua Marc Levy & others…

Some amazing drawings from Joshua Marc Levy. I love his style and his website is really cool – very minimal but very effective.

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The use of mainly black & white with occasional colour is very effective.