Brussels & Durban – the focus of the world…


It’s strange that two of the seemingly most important issues facing humans right now are being fought over/discussed/determined at the very same time. The on-going discussions during the Brussels Euro talks have been┬átaking place during the Climate talks in Durban, … Continue reading

Japan earthquake/tsunami…

I was shocked yesterday seeing the terrible images from Japan, following the 8.9 earthquake off their NW coast. I’m trying to imagine what it would be like if a natural disaster struck England, with similar casualties. We just aren’t mentally or physically prepared for such an event.

Anyway, one of the things which struck me was that two of the world’s biggest economies are located on or very close to major tectonic fault lines. Both California and Japan (ranked 8th and 3rd in terms of economic output in terms of world ranking) are in this position – strange situation and very unstable.