Lego Heroica…!

We’ve recently bought the Lego Heroica board game and Jamie loves it. So far we’ve played 5 or 6 times. This is part of our concerted efforts to get our 1 hour of time with Jamie in the evenings back on track. The time Jamie and Jac spend apart is valuable and given they spend most of their time together, it’s useful to have some space. So, once Jac is in bed, we play Heroica!

Jamie has been very creative with the layouts, rules, gameplay and ideas within the game. In one game, he setup up a side route which included a prison where two of the other players were being kept. He setup the weapons and gold holder across the route and when he landed on it he got to choose another weapon! But instead of adding to the one he already had, he swapped it for the new one. All this Included walking the plank and diving into water, where he swam through to get to the prison bars on the other side, where he rescued them, then made his way back to where I was fighting the goblins.

He also setup traps in the routes which could be fallen into. I added the rule that if you did land straight in them, you had to loose an energy level and go back one space. This proved particulalrly effective when we were fighting a goblin which was two spaces beyond a trap – each time we lost to it (thereby loosing 1 energy piece), we had to move back one space, where we then fell into the trap, which then meant loosing another energy piece and moving back another space. This process cost me all my energy!