Cat issues…

Right, we are declaring war on our cat’s stress levels! Tinks has recently been more stressed in general, starting with a local male cat coming into the area inside the house by the back door. I’ve seen it in there once, but this and all the other cats which come through the garden are obviously making her stressed. She has been spraying a bit in the house and not been herself.

We’ve also been doing some decoration recently and have got two new armchairs, so a few things have been changed. She just came back from the vet with a diagnosis of cystitis, so the vet gave her some pain relief and we are starting up again with the cat pheromones.

There are also a few other things we’ll be doing…

– To stop or hinder the movement of other cats, I will build a fence across gap between shed and fence at the bottom of the garden. Claire’s Dad will also build us a new side gate as a combined Christmas present, which will hopefully help at the other end of the garden.

РThe treatments, new sleeping basket thing from vet, a new chip operated cat flap (£80!), which our neighbour has also gone for. This will stop the cat(s) coming in.

– Tinks also likes the fire and last winter was always lying in front of it stretched out, so hopefully the more frequent use of it will help.



Fence & truck bridge…!

I knew there was a good reason to get the fence fixed… so Jamie could make up a fun bridge game with the spare bits of fence panel!

Jamie was laying out pieces of wood for the truck to roll over. Then I put down a couple of pillows with the wood over the imaginary ‘river’. This set off the whole thing and it turned into a whole quarry, on various levels.

Ted the robot from Lunar Jim was acting as a ‘nice’ troll, but then after a while, he found his jet-pack and started helping to fix the various problems with the truck bridges. He held the pieces of wood in his hands and flew about the place. I’m glad I kept the spare pieces!

So, the fence is now fixed and to be fair to Phil the builder, he’s done a good job and was very meticulous (even if he did bugger off to Cornwall for 2 weeks half way through!

He ended up re-concreting the bases of 5 of the existing posts, as they had started to lean over. 5 more posts of the same type were installed and also 4 new fence panels, to replace the ones which were falling apart. He set the straight line from between the houses, to the end of the garden and it was obvious that there had been a bit of a bodge sometime in the past. Our yard area just by the back door was a bit larger than it should have been (hence the fence panels seeming to be set at a slant to the slabs)!

Anyway, i’m happy with the job and we can now order our wood supply for the winter, which will be stacked against that side of the garden, in the yard area by the back door. I’ve just acquired the last palette I needed to make the last 2 log stores so green light to go. We’re also going to use our spare bricks to put under each panel, to lift them up above the ground. This will help to preserve the panels for longer.


Hawkchurch camping trip…

Just been camping to near Lyme Regis for 4 days so very little blog activity! I’ll put a post on hopefully tonight about it.

Also, our fence-builder/repairer has buggered off to Cornwall for 2 weeks (!!) so very little progress on that either!



Ok, our Manyana builder was here most of the day…great?

Well, he must have spent a good bit of time doing the following…

Can you tell what he’s actually done today?

Well, there are some hedgehogs living somewhere around our shed or at the back of our neighbours garden. Due to the broken nature of the old panel, they’ve been foraging around the area.

Our neighbour Val is very concerned about them (bless her) and she asked for us to leave a little hedgehog doorway in the fence. I said to the builder yesterday I would just dig a tunnel under the fence panel so they could get about. Val talked to him yesterday as well and the results are in the photos!

He’s ‘altered’ a 6-foot panel by 20 cms for the wee beasties. I really hope we don’t get charged extra for that!!


I’m sure the fence will be fixed soon…?

*dull post warning!*

We’re getting our left side fence fixed by a builder who lives 2 doors up from us. We checked out his fence, which he did himself and which looks good and decided to ask him. Our neighbour in paying half so it’s not too bad.

He’s basically straightening up a lot of the existing concrete posts and replacing some of the wooden ones + some of the panels. Only small snag is he seems to be working on ‘manana’ time (pronounced man-ya-na and¬†translated as ‘tomorrow’ in Spanish) – he’s done a few half days then buggered off to help some old lady with her locks, then off another day as it was too hot!

Anyway, he’s done well the last couple of days.

Once that’s done we can get our wood supply ordered for the winter, as this will be piled by the fence and also we’ll be able to plant up the whole side beds.