Fireworks display and Storm Troopers…!

Maybe the last thing I expected to see at a fireworks display – Storm Troopers!

A long exposure shot of a spinning ride – I would have put in some shots of the fireworks but it was really hard to get a decent clear shot!



Bonfire Night…!

Always a good excuse to get the fireworks and sparklers out!

A very chilly and clear night – perfect for fireworks!

If I was the apple tree, I would not be impressed!

Double sparkler action!


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Fireworks at Gloucester Park…

The end of the Summer festival in Gloucester, with a fireworks display at the park.

I took these pics from our garden which is only a 20 minute walk from the park – good job i’ve got a good zone on the camera!

Jamie was still up so Claire rushed out in the direction of the park. They had a quick ride on the top level of a double-decker bus and saw the display from just outside the park. Jamie wasn’t sure about the noise though and said that fireworks are only for bigger children!