Shower fixing…

The epic saga of the search for the final piece of the shower continues…

We just need a fixing bracket to fix the shower riser pole to the wall, as the weight of the pole, water and shower head makes the whole thing lean forward a bit!

Anyway, on Friday, Claire at moi embarked on the voyage of discovery around Gloucester, while Claire’s Mum kindly looked after the boys! We tried Plumb Centre, Homebase, Focus Do It All and finally Dun Elm. We’re all a bit ill at the moment and quite tired as well so by the time we got to Dun Elm we had to crash out and have cake and coffee! Anyway, we think a curtain pole bracket will work and it’s the closest thing we’ve found so far.

Next step is to contact the manufacturer and see if they have anything. On a more positive notw, I managed to give the ceiling another coat today and i’ll go to B&Q tomorrow to get a new door, hinges, arcitrave, door handle and white paint. Nice.