Haresfield Beacon and bluebells…

A misty and wet walk through the woods to see the bluebells and find some dens!

IMG_1191 IMG_1211 IMG_1208 IMG_1210 IMG_1221 IMG_1223



Last Westonbirt trip…

Some flower and wood textures from a recent trip to Westonbirt Arboretum – the final trip before our family membership ran out!


Westonbirt Arboretum…!

My Mum was up visiting and we had given her a present of a day out to Westonbirt Arboretum + lunch, for her birthday. So, we drove down there yesterday and arrived mid-morning.

Some amazing Rhododendron flowers around the Loop walk and we had loads of fun running around the woods and the kids play areas.

Had a nice lunch then went further into the Old Arboretum area and found some great areas with stepping logs, carved wooden sculptures and massive wooden feet! Both boys were out for the count in the car when we dropped Mum back to her flat and on the way home!


Flowers, magnets & wood…

Some nice games and creations in the last few days.

While I was putting Jac to bed, Claire and Jamie made loads of tissue paper flowers for the table. I also had a go and it’s cheaper than buying flowers (tight git!)!

I’ve also finished stacking the main pile of logs at the back of the garden by the shed, which is three layers deep and quite a bit taller than the boys!

Finally, we ordered a range of new home education and general toys, including a great magnet set, with coloured counters and balls. It’s the quickest game to tidy up as well!


Out in the garden…

What a great feeling to be able to just go out into the garden and play for ages!

This Monday and Tuesday have been amazing Spring days and the first we’ve been able to make good use of in the garden. I’ve even hung out 3 loads of washing on the line!