Day 018…

While visiting Portishead near Bristol, for our family dentist appointment (deep joy), I took a few quick shots of one of the impressive public artworks just by the docks, titled ‘Flying’, by Lucy Glendinning.

IMG_3139 IMG_3140

Check the website:

“I wanted this sculpture to reflect the feel of the site, to give the sense of scale that being by the sea gives us, the feel of the wind and its effect.  The impression of freedom and power the sea lends through its elemental force, as well as being a point of travel and adventure.

The flying figure gives the sculpture a gravity-defying energy, an uplifting and celebratory sense which communicates a conscious or subconscious confirmation of human achievement.” (Lucy Glendinning)


New climate study – confused…?

The whole issue of carbon footprints seemed complicated, and that was before I read the following article…

I knew the impacts of flying was big but now there is more detail on why, and over what timeframes.

As an aside, one of the comments was quite good.


9 September 2010 12:41PM

Personally I have always felt that if you need to fly ‘to get away from it all’ then its your entire lifestyle that you need to be changing, not your holiday destination.