Stickers & foamed colours…

While we were trying out the foaming monster activity, I took a couple of abstract photos of some of the stickers in the middle of the activity book and the colour pattern of the two mixed foam colours.


Render work – day 5…

Well, the boarding out for the render is now ‘finished’ but there are a couple of things i’m going to have to mention to them! One of these is the very apex point of the insulation, which is just sealed, without any kind of capping piece. The whole system relies on the sealant so this needs to be improved a bit. There is also a whole section to the side of the bathroom window where there is no flashing.

They also fixed on all the edging strips ready for the render and cleared up. We also talked to the guy who will be installing the new single piece insulated loft hatch. He had a look and said it would be no problem making it smaller than the existing 60 x 120 cm hatch, maybe to 60 x 80 cm. This will really improve the heat loss issue and stop the cold drafts coming down from the loft.