Day 047 – Thistledown camping day 1…

Our annual pilgrimage to our favourite camp site – Thistledown, at Nympsfield, which is near Stroud, which is 25 minutes drive from Gloucester. Anyway, a very nice and seni-eco site, with camp fires, composting toilets etc, positioned overlooking hills and forests, adjacent to the National Trust Woodchester estate.

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At-Bristol light forest…

Part of the upstairs of the At-Bristol centre is given over to a hanging light forest, with lights hung from lit plastic cords.

These create an amazing sea of light and when people are running through them, there are some good opportunities for blurred photos. Reflections are also nice off the polished black floor.


Jamie’s giant kelp forest / coral reef…

More cool Lego engineering projects!

Following on from the ‘under the sea’ theme for the previous 2 weeks, he was keen to build a kelp forest for his ‘Gup’ to float around. A Gup is one of the little sea craft in the animated children’s cartoon, the Octonauts. He loves it.

So we built a very random kelp forest, which turned into a coral reef, and built in lots of spaces where fish can swim through. Then there were a few extension archways.

Tonight we also built some more things. This weeks theme is ‘super-fast planes’ (chosen by Jamie on the way to Stroud!), so he built a plane which he was really pleased with. Also 2 people joined together!