Gate lines…



Viewing Chamber lighting test…


Cat issues…

Right, we are declaring war on our cat’s stress levels! Tinks has recently been more stressed in general, starting with a local male cat coming into the area inside the house by the back door. I’ve seen it in there once, but this and all the other cats which come through the garden are obviously making her stressed. She has been spraying a bit in the house and not been herself.

We’ve also been doing some decoration recently and have got two new armchairs, so a few things have been changed. She just came back from the vet with a diagnosis of cystitis, so the vet gave her some pain relief and we are starting up again with the cat pheromones.

There are also a few other things we’ll be doing…

– To stop or hinder the movement of other cats, I will build a fence across gap between shed and fence at the bottom of the garden. Claire’s Dad will also build us a new side gate as a combined Christmas present, which will hopefully help at the other end of the garden.

– The treatments, new sleeping basket thing from vet, a new chip operated cat flap (£80!), which our neighbour has also gone for. This will stop the cat(s) coming in.

– Tinks also likes the fire and last winter was always lying in front of it stretched out, so hopefully the more frequent use of it will help.


Render work – day 6, 7, 8 & 9…

So the insulated render and guttering to the side rear of the house are now finished. The landing area is plastered, a new loft hatch has been installed and the loft window removed and bricked up.

Days 6, 7 and 8 went very quaickly, with some quick progress. After literally 6 months of planning, research, form filling, grant applications, phone calls, planning permission debates (x6), delays (3 months) for cold weather, scaffolding erecting and finally deliveries of materials to site; it is finished.

The scaffolding is still up, and we expect this to be taken down soon and there is still a slight query about if we actually paid for new guttering to the front as well.

Days 6 and 7 were taken up with the actual application of the render, which they simply sprayed on using a large machine which pumped the render from a large plastic barrel. Claire was at home taking pictures and when I saw them I was impressed. We had wondered why they were shifting the packs of render to the front pavement!

So, the first layer was applied on day 6 and the next day the second layer was applied. They left the final layer as a very rough finish and I got home slightly shocked at the finish! Day 8 they came back to finish it off and used a number of heavy/rough sanders to smooth away the rough areas.

Finally, day 9 (yesterday) a guy was around to fix the guttering to the rear areas, on top of new fascia boards. He also filled in a missing brick from the front corner and replaced the old gate back onto the wall, as well as clearing the site.