A new human epoch – the Anthropocene…

An interesting debate about formally adopting the next geological age of the planet – the Anthropocene.

The changed geological human footprint will be visible in the form of radio active material from atomic bomb tests, plastic pollution, increased carbon dioxide levels, industrial scale mining, deforestation & agriculture and human-induced mass extinction.


‘In the past, geological changes on a scale big enough to merit a new epoch have been the result of events such as the eruption of a supervolcano or a catastrophic meteor strike – things a lawyer might describe as acts of God. Now, instead of being just another one of the millions of species on our planet, humans have become the determining factor – the guiding, controlling species – and many of our changes will leave a permanent mark in the rocks.’

‘Others feel that the new epoch is upon us and we should come to terms with its implications for the planet. “We broke it, we bought it, we own it,” Ellis says. “Now we’ve got to take responsibility for it.”‘

I totally agree.