Gloucester Cathedral lighting trials…

A great lighting trial at Gloucester Cathedral last night. Testing new LED lighting for St. Mary’s Gate and the South Porch, which is the Cathedral’s main entrance.

Some nice textures in the stone as the light grazes it.



Crucible 2 proper tour…

Not as good as 2 years before but still some interesting pieces and a massive event for Gloucester.


Gloucester Cathedral family Christmas service…

Being fairly untraditional can mean sometimes some tradition can be a nice contrast…

Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 01 Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 16 Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 05 Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 07 Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 08 Gloucester Cathedral 24.12.12 - 26

The ‘family’ service at the cathedral was (as you might expect) crammed with youngsters, complete with screaming and lively toddlers (not mine this time!). Anyway, a good chance to appreciate Gloucester’s finest building and the great acoustics.


‘Crucible’ exhibition @ Gloucester Cathedral…

I’ve just got back from another┬álunchtime trip to the Crucible exhibtion at the cathedral. Still very good impression and this time it’s officially open, so there were a few more sculptures than last time and some of the positions have moved slightly + some added lighting has been introduced to certain areas.

Check out the exhibition leaflet: Crucible leaflet both sides

There was a really nice installation piece (number 59 on the leaflet by David Behar-Perahia – ‘Dripping’) which had been added since I last went. The pics don’t really do it justice, as it’s a mving or fluid light show, with added subtle┬ásound effects. The floor shimmers with multi-coloured light and there might be some kind of link between the movement of the people and the sound.

I also hadn’t appreciated fully the work by Lynn Chadwick, and there is a brief explanation of the process of sand-casting which is used to make the bronze sculptures. Damien Hirst’s ‘St. Bartholomew, Exquisite Pain’ is also more impressive the second time and was drawing a lot of people around it.

The exhibition is on till 30th October.


Gloucester Cathedral sketch…

My old boss Les gave me a really nice sketch of our awesome cathedral when he left. Not sure who the artist was but he produced a couple of these.