Urban patterns…

Drain pipes and graffiti at the back of the shops just off Kingswalk, Gloucester.




Graffitiand railway bridge…

Grafitti around a Victorian railway bridge just off Cole Avenue, Gloucester.


The Tube graffiti…

A chance find while out in Bristol, on the wall of the club I used to go to Disco nights at!

Dino theatre 19.02.14 - 45


Bristol graffitti…

Walking up Stokes Croft in Bristol – always an uplifting experience!


Day 036 – grafitti Gloucester…

There is a temporary hoarding wooden panel wall which surrounds a large redevelopment site in the centre of Gloucester. This wall stretches down a well-used walking route called Greyfriars Lane. Every so often a new bit of graffiti appears.

Graffiti 17.06.13 - 1 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 2 Graffiti 17.06.13 - 3

The above image shows a severed badger’s head with a white flag – this is connected with the planned badger culling experiment which is taking place in Gloucestershire, in an attempt to stop the spread of TB to cows and other livestock. A highly debatable subject and experiment.


Day 013…

Some much-needed outside time with the boys. A walk past the BMX and skate park area and some new graffiti to be impressed by.

Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 07 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 10 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 12 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 20 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 08 Gloucester Park 25.05.13 - 09


‘Graffiti UK’…

Some faded and battered graffiti in Gloucester Park. Love the textures and patterns.


‘Space 36’…

A very dodgy and oppressive underground car park, right next to the graffiti exhibition area in the center of Bristol.


Matt about town – graffiti & sunsets…

Some random images from my town roaming adventures, including some fun graffiti and nice sunset images around the docks area…


Random image time…

Claire just bought the boys some random presents – part of this was a Meerkat model each which they really love!

The other image was a graffiti image which I spotted on the way home from work.


Greyfriars graffiti…

Some interesting and not so interesting messages on the hoardings around Greyfriars college, taken 19th May, 2011.