The solar system…

Graphic of the day… A great representation of the relative sizes of each of the planets and their distances away from each other.



Cityscape tea towel…!

Love it! Thanks to, via Pinterest.


Limitless gets Pixelmator’d…

Another graphics test – a B&W photo of an iMac screen which is playing the film ‘Limitless’ (Bradley Cooper), taken into Pixelmator with about 5 effects added + opaque circles of varying colours.

I tried to focus on the overlapping multiple shades of concentric purples, contrasting with the B*W background image.


Pixelmator test…

I’ve been wanting to download some kind of graphics package for the iMac, since we had to completely re-install the operating system and all the programs etc. We looked at Photoshop Elements (£50) which is the lite version of the full program. It’s still a good program but still more than we need just to do photo editing and some graphics things.

So, a very quick look on the app store revealed a load of different programs, and after a 2 minute browse, I picked Pixelmator 2.1 (Cherry).

I’ve tried a few things out for about 15 minutes and this was the result…

I turned the original colour photo to B&W, altered contrasts, added various coloured circles, was able to align each circle in elation to each other using a very cool angles tool (automatically pops up) and the overall look and feel is very user-friendly and if you are familiar with Photoshop, this will work well for you.

So far i’m using the free trial for 30 days and if we like it we might buy it and it’s only £10.49, which is 5 times less than Elements!


The Cool Hunter…

Some great images from one of my favourity design websites…

Amazing use of collour as always from the Hunters.