Robinswood Hill + a happy tomato…

A steep dog walk up Robinswood Hill and a great view from the top!

Robinswood Hill walk 13.09.14

Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 03 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 08 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 20 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 21 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 24 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 25 Robinswood walk 12.09.14 - 26


Haresfield Beacon and bluebells…

A misty and wet walk through the woods to see the bluebells and find some dens!

IMG_1191 IMG_1211 IMG_1208 IMG_1210 IMG_1221 IMG_1223


Allotment + time = weeds…!

The latest allotment adventure consisted of only maintenance – the first time we’ve needed to do this since last year. Mostly (very long) grass cutting around the borders of the plot, weeding and a bit of clearing. well worth it though and it now almost resembles a proper plot!


We did roughly 5 hours of work between Claire and I and there is still another section around the middle to dig over. The latest Rocket Garden delivery is within the next 7 days (!!) so more planning needed. This will include more carrots, courgettes, celery, lettuce, beans, peas, tomatoes, artichoke, mint,  and parsley.


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Patio grass…!

We’ve started another garden experiment with a different approach to the interaction between the lawn and the patio.

I’ve always thought the boundary between the grass and patio was too stark and I like the idea of the different materials blending together and growing organically to mesh.

Here are also some other examples from tinter net which i’ve just found…

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So, we’ve been leaving the grass between the paving slabs and i’ve just been going over the patio with the lawn mower on the lowest setting when I do the rest of the grass. So far, I think it’s starting to look good and minimises the sterile feeling of the patio.

This is also a good approach as it saves all the annoying scraping out along the edges of the slabs. Lots of grass looks better than bits here and there!


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Balloon & pipe-cleaner net…

I made a net for Jamie out of pipe cleaners, following the watching of Up, by Pixar.

He used it to catch his baby crane, who then got his way out and escaped! I first tried using string to tie the net, but this would have taken way to long.

He then ripped it all apart to get the crane out, as I said he couldn’t use the scissors to cut it all up. He wanted to make it bigger, but he didn’t want to add to it to make it bigger, just start again! He had a cry then after I had cut the grass, we read some books upstairs and we all had a wrestle as little kittens for a while, which sorted everything out.

I also made a balloon, also inspired by Up, for his baby racoon.