What wood…?


From left (I think): Hawthorn, ??, Beech, Birch.

Some wood I can identify but i’m still learning a lot about wood-lore. Anyone know what these are? This was a selection from the last load of firewood.




Ok, the Good Life dream may have to be put on hold for a little while…

I just got a response back from our Allotments Officer. She says we’re 50th on the list for the particular allotment we want to get into (which is also the closest to our house). Let’s hope the turnover is HIGH!

At our house, we’ve already got 3 raised beds, a small potato patch, a plant house and space at the front for more, so we’re not doing too badly for space, but not that great for producing lots of food, like onions, potatoes, leeks etc. The idea was to produce the veg which requires space (and which we need a lot of) at the allotment, with more delicate stuff in the garden, which also should be used fairly quickly (such as herbs, tomatoes, greens).

Maybe this is a sign to just chill out and finish the bathroom and living room, then next year take producing food more seriously!