Day 041 – Highnam bike ride…

A spur of the moment decision to get on the bike and do the 10-mile round-trip to Highnam, just to the NW of Gloucester.

Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 02 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 12 Highnam bike ride 21.06.13 - 10

Once down by the River Severn, I did partially regret the dusk-timing due to the large number of insects flying around, but it was a good work out and a good opportunity to experience nature : )



Nature consumed by nature…

While walking through Lassington Woods, near Gloucester, we came across some tree stumps, slowly being consumed by moss and covered with the remains of autumn leaves.

Highnam & Lassington Woods 13.02.13 - 05


Testing out the new bike…

A good chance to test out the new bike came along – a hot and cloudless day, followed by a warm and still evening – very good biking weather. Myself and Mr McK ventured out into the wilderness.

17 miles later, i’m feeling good and now know the local area to the north of Gloucester so much better.

The route was generally Highnam (cycle route 42), along the B4215 through Rudford and Highleadon to Hartpury РWatersmeet Country Inn, then back down the main road (A417) to Gloucester, via Maisemore.