Another week, another bouldering session. Lots of photo potential in there.

Making progress again after the long lay off and shoulders starting to hurt! Love it.



It’s been a while…

Bouldering at the Warehouse – get ready for aching arms in roughly 24 hours time!

It’s been a while since the last time I went bouldering but was well worth it. New routes to try, the campus board to challenge (it won this time but i’ll be back!) and a nice pint with Mr SKP afterwards : )

The next target is getting on the top-rope and belay course so we can get into the main climbing area and hone the silky skills (??).


Bouldering – yellow route…

Some good bouldering last night at the Warehouse, but didn’t attempt the campus board this time!

There’s a particular route in the corner of the bouldering floor which has proved to be very challenging so far. It involves good yellow holds, but more than half of it is under the tricky overhang, which is sloped at something like 30 degrees. This means you have to hang from the holds for the first half of the route which in turn means the energy levels go right down by the time you reach the nearly vertical part.

So, there’s lots of emphasis on arms only and a fair bit of full-reaching for holds. I’ve managed this route a few times now but always after an attempt or two to warm up.

Mr SKP also got some good shots of the main boulder in the centre of the floor and I got some good textures and contrasts which give some nice depth. These are from the tunnel through the main boulder and it was the first time we attempted it. Some good holds but hanging the whole time. Past the middle of the tunnel there are really only finger holds plus a couple of slightly better ones. Good fun though!