Photo-a-day STOP : )

Ok, i’ve been attempting to come up with a photo (at least one) every day for the past 2 months, only posting the images i’ve actually taken on that day. The first 61 days have gone really well but i’ve started to feel the whole process is becoming too pressured in a number of ways. I love taking photos and capturing unique moments in life but now is maybe not the right time for this project.


We keep a private kids blog for all their home education activities and life adventures and this has been slightly overlooked recently!

My cousin is getting married early in August and my family are making the trip over there from England, including some very interesting destinations along the way (Chicago, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle) I haven’t been to the States for 20 years and this is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. There are just too many things to organise for that!

At the start, the process was useful and the pressure of needing that one shot each day did lead to some good results and some different perspectives, but there are just too many things being affected. I’m finding all the other creative parts of my life are suffering – painting, mixing records, energy for creative ideas for the kids. I’m also finding the time it takes to put the photo post on takes away from other posting ideas, such as sustainability, politics, football and architecture/design.

So, i’ve enjoyed the experience over the last 61 days and maybe there’ll be another series at some point. I’m hoping to blog while in the States for 3 weeks so there should be a few opportunities for some photography while over there (under statement of the century). I’m guessing that i’ll come back with more than a few photos so that should keep the blog happy for a while : )


Saundersfoot / Tenby: Day 1…

The last holiday of the year, to Tenby (SW Wales). The house in Saundersfoot had all the mod cons, including Blu-Ray internet TV! A short drive to the beach and great to be by the coat again.

Some patterns in the sand and health & safety sign meets tagging!


Thistledown camping…

Camping during the hottest days of the year so far…


Protected: Bucklegrove Holiday Park camping…

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Ireland planning

We’ve only really started to make a list and think about packing for the holiday. The whole illness and DYI stuff has been a bit consuming, but we’re getting there.

Have been planning the route there and back. Total drive time (no stops and clear roads – nappies all round!) from Gloucester to Pembroke ferry port is just over 3 hours and from Rosslare port (IR) to the cottage is roughly 4 hours – split with an overnight stay roughly an hour into the journey).

Both legs are pretty straightforward (M5 south, M4 west, A48, A40, A477) but the unknown is the length of time the kids can take in the car! I do remember as a child the same journey (or quite similar) to our old cottages and there were defo periods where we did not want to be in the car!

The ideal scenario would be the ferry from Swansea to Cork, with a cabin on the ferry, but this line was closed for some reason.

Also want to make some small hot-air balloons on holiday which could help to pass the time. We also have to get to the pub at least once as have been to Ireland maybe 6-8 times and have never been to the pub!! Some would say that’s sacrilegious!