Walking home from work…

Walking home on a cold and dark night after work. Reflections, contrasts, high exposures, shadows and blurs.


Around the house…

A day spent at home with two sick boys, coughing and spluttering! A cold but bright and clear afternoon, following a very wet and grey morning.

Nice to get some fresh air in the garden and blow away the illness!

I chopped some wood and found some nice patterns in the centres. Light refracting through a glass and a close-up of a sprouting potato with the new Canon S100. I have to say this beats my Canon 400D hands down, partly because you can only get as close as 30cms, given the 18-200 lens. Very pleased with the detail on that.


Coloured stairs…!

Some ideas from Pinterest, which we’re seriously considering for our house!

I’ve started painting the stairs white so far and the tops will be left white with alternating colours of the rainbow for the risers part. It’s going to look amazing!


My week at home…

A couple of times over the last year, i’ve made a list of all the things which I had done during the day, while at home (or out and about) with the boys. It’s a good example of just how much goes on while not ‘at work’. I was going to do a whole weeks worth of items, but looking at the list just for today, I might not.

So, in chronological order…

Sorted boys breakfast out

Changed Jac’s nappy

Made and lit fire

Watched Cars DVD just after breakfast

Tidied up living room and sorted random toys

I hoovered the kitchen and living room

Aquadoodles mat

Played with popcorn and lentils in trays

Made popcorn and ate it!

Went to a local playground

Made lunch for everyone

Watched Zing Zillas and Sesame Tree

Hoovered the living room again – popcorn and kindling stuff!

Played in the garden

Washing off the clothes line

Collected up all the screws and nails etc which were on the floor of the shed

Jamie helped me collect up some kindling for the stove and chopped up old dish drainer for fire wood

Cleared a space by the back door for a plastic tub which I filled with kindling for the fire

Watched Mr Maker while getting dinner ready

Filled out job reference form for someone

Updated my blog and checked Guardian website

Made and lit another fire for the evening

Unloaded and loaded dishwasher

Built railway track for Jac

Drew tractor for Jamie, who then cut it out

Cooked dinner

Bathed both boys + dressed them for bed

Helped Jamie make a cardboard box kennel for his toy tiger

Brushed Jamie’s teeth and read story

Checked through solar panel quotes and render paperwork

Went to bed!

Now that Jac doesn’t sleep during the day (usually), there’s very little time to just sit and chill out! But, it does mean there’s more time for playing. Also, today was basically a normal day. I always take them out somewhere (unless it’s really crap weather) and we’re always building or making something. This sort of list is probably fairly common for ‘stay at home with the kids’ people. Jamie in particular is getting more and more self-sufficient, but comes up with things for us to do as well.