Lego instructions…

Jamie and Jac have been asking us to print out instructions and images for Lego models a lot recently, which is a great way to provide new ideas and gives a helping hand to build some of the more complicated ones!


Exhibition freak out…!

Ok, business end of preps for the 6th of Jan, when I put up the exhibition, to open the following day. We’ve just got back from Ikea in Bristol, where I got another two square frames. we also got a few house things, such as the blind for the bathroom.

Anyway, I had previously had the square mounts that come with the frames cut out some more, to enlarge the space but two were smudged and it wasn’t possible to rub these out + one of the glass sheets was broken and yesterday, I broke another sheet while framing a print. I put it down to thin glass, but maybe also I need to slow down a bit! So, will now have to get the new mounts cut to size.

Finally, just realised when I took the rolled sheets out of the box from the printers that the large outer print was stuck to the box! So, it was quite marked and also had bits of glue stuck to it! The guy at the printers rolled them up face out + they also double printed one of the images. This meant that they missed out one of the images so i’m one image short + need the large image re-done.

The printer guy (Iain) has just got back to me saying it’s not a problem doing the two images, but they are not open till the 4th! This gives me maybe a day to get the final two frames done – EEEEEK!