A night on the town…

Hopefully the first of many photo-pub tours of Gloucester. Fellow photo-taker Mr SKP and I started at the Pelican then headed out into the night.

Night tour 17.04.13 - 05 Night tour 17.04.13 - 07 Night tour 17.04.13 - 09 Night tour 17.04.13 - 11 Night tour 17.04.13 - 14 Night tour 17.04.13 - 29 Night tour 17.04.13 - 23 Night tour 17.04.13 - 28

The final pub on the tour was Cafe Rene and a great band was playing: The Matt Woosey Band. Good night and always a good idea to combine photos with a few drinks ; )


Wood & lighting…

Made a slightly random trip last night to collect some wood and take some photos. I’d noticed a large piece of branch/trunk in the Park earlier in the week and managed to get that in the boot. problem was, there was no parking in our street when I got back home, so had to park in the next street, half way up!

Got some nice pics of the two latest lighting scheme around the cathedral. I’d already put a few on of the Bishop Hooper Monument, but this time I took my tripod, so got less blurred images. Also got pics of the Infirmary Arcade.

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Really happy with how they’ve turned out and two steps closer to completing the lighting in that Quarter of the city centre.