Israel one step closer to the International Criminal Court…


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A very interesting week in world politics, with two massive events taking place: the UN voted to recognise Palestine as a ‘non-member observer state’, while the the UN Climate Change Conference in Doha concluded. Both of these events deserve their … Continue reading

Middle East peace talks begin…

Possibly the longest running and most harmful conflict since the end of the Second World War. It’s impacts reach around the world and are a beacon of strength for terrorism and mistrust everywhere. A symbol of human weakness and base animal instincts, overriding reason and compassion.

So, Obama steps into the ring and picks up the chalice… A ray of light in a sea of sadness…

During the opening speeches yesterday:

‘The Israeli prime minister then turned to the Palestinian leader and said: “President Abbas, you are my partner in peace.” He added: “We cannot erase the past but it is in our power to change the future.”