Three cubes colliding…

A surreal video on a beach – well worth checking out on this great blog…

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Protected: Trip to the park…

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Kite flying…

Boys had loads of fun at the local park with Grandma’s kite!

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A good windy day after going to group. Jamie kept the kite up for maybe 5 minutes and handled it really well. Jac also had a go but was mainly running around!


Jamie’s kite…

Jamie’s Grandma gave him a great kite for his birthday in October, but we only just got it out today.

Can’t wait for an opportunity to try it out!


Crickley Hill & kites…

Another fine day in the Shire and another trip out. We went up to Crickley Hill to show my Mum around and to try out the ‘stunt kite’ which Claire had purchased from the Nearly New Sale. I say stunt kite, as i’m sure in the hands of someone who knows what they’re doing, you can make some funky shapes, but, in the wrong hands, it was a recipe for disaster!

Actually, a bit of an exaggeration and I got it flying a few times and managed to get it flying about to order. Really cool experience and Jamie was very keen to have a go. I tried to hand over the handles but it just nose-dived. Everyone had a go and we’re setup for next time.

Jac was getting VERY excited about all of the dogs wandering around and was jumping up and down on my shoulders and making barking noises every time he caught sight of one, which was every 20 seconds!