Bouldering 3 – in search of new heights…

So, my 3rd bouldering adventure at the Warehouse in Gloucester.

Some great photos by my colleague in climbing (i’ll call him SKP) – they beat the ones I took hands down!

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This was probably the best session so far as I know more what to expect and know the routes I want to try out. The technique seems to be improving for both SKP and I and we’re managing to get around the walls more quickly. We’re also able to complete a couple of the routes which we were only half finishing before.

I was hiring some Boreal shoes this time, which to be fair, weren’t as good as the La Sportiva ones. The toes were too tight on the sides and the grip was too smooth. SKP’s father in law is kindly lending me his spare shoes until I can get some of my own + a chalk bag. I’ll see how these fit and hopefully then not have to pay the £2.50 each time to hire them!

So, this time we were trying to get across the gap between the main central boulder, to the side wall, via a single grip fixed to the top board near the ceiling. We didn’t quite do it but when I reached across with my foot, I was about 10 cms away from the other side! It’s going to have to be a swing across and hope the holds work. It’s high enough to be a nervous experience (even with thick crash mats) and it’s an amazing feeling.



Bouldering pics…!

Our second trip to the bouldering area at The Warehouse!

Another awesome work out and we’ve tried most of the wall area, except a few very tricky sections. The main artificial rock at the centre of the space is still mostly unexplored, given it is quite a bit more difficult than the wall areas, with much smaller finger holds, sometimes only enough grip for 2 fingers, or a half hand hold.

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We both improved a lot this time and much less aching the next day. It’s really good going with someone and we’ve been doing various challenges and specific routes around the outer wall. We’re working up to a few of the harder routes but we’ve just got to wait till our fingers get stronger!

I’ve hired the La Sportiva Tarantula shoes twice and they’ve been excellent both times.