Gloucester Cathedral lighting trials…

A great lighting trial at Gloucester Cathedral last night. Testing new LED lighting for St. Mary’s Gate and the South Porch, which is the Cathedral’s main entrance.

Some nice textures in the stone as the light grazes it.


Torch FLUX backpack…

I must have looked through 500 different backpacks to find a replacement for my trusty Northface one which i’ve had for 13 years. No sooner had I found the perfect one, I found out that it wasn’t even available yet – the factory was shut for Chinese New year and the light system was being re-designed! It will be available to pre-orders only (!!) soon but not in time for my trip to the States.

Anyway, this is one very cool backpack. Not only does it light up but appears to be extremely tough. The red panel on the front is driven by USB rechargeable batteries, with fibre-optic cables and LED lights.

torch backpack

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The light can be set to different on modes, including flashing and will be ideal for the dark and wet British winter on the bike. It’s fully waterproof and has enough capacity for a range of uses.