Torch FLUX backpack…

I must have looked through 500 different backpacks to find a replacement for my trusty Northface one which i’ve had for 13 years. No sooner had I found the perfect one, I found out that it wasn’t even available yet – the factory was shut for Chinese New year and the light system was being re-designed! It will be available to pre-orders only (!!) soon but not in time for my trip to the States.

Anyway, this is one very cool backpack. Not only does it light up but appears to be extremely tough. The red panel on the front is driven by USB rechargeable batteries, with fibre-optic cables and LED lights.

torch backpack

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The light can be set to different on modes, including flashing and will be ideal for the dark and wet British winter on the bike. It’s fully waterproof and has enough capacity for a range of uses.


Day 034 – white plastic step comes alive…

A smiley face and a glowing energy, from the inside of a plastic step : )

IMG_3414 IMG_3422


Day 014…

A sunny and warm day – mostly spent Spring cleaning the WHOLE house, but an hour or so out in the garden too.

Garden chive flower 26.05.13 - 15 Garden chive flower 26.05.13 - 17

Chive flowers are just coming out just as the cherry and apple flowers are going.


A picture a day: Day 001…

I’ve seen many other blogs which post at least one image everyday for a year. Maybe as a way to inspire yourself to focus on photography and promote consistency. There are probably many different reasons but i’ve decided to do the same and this is the first day ‘001’. Hopefully each image will appear daily but no doubt life and all its wonderful elements will conspire to delay various photos from reaching the photo cloud.

Gloucester Docks light reflections and building shadow.

Docks light 13.05.13 - 21


Glass ice…

I recently unpacked an old box full of pint glasses from my free and easy days at university. One of them had broken and shattered producing hundreds of tiny pieces. I added this glass to a bowl which already had another broken purple glass and decided to create a photo opportunity…

Glass ice 13.01.13 - 12 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 04 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 01 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 09 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 05 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 17 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 11 Glass ice 13.01.13 - 18

Contact sheet: Glass ice 13.01.13

Part of the inspiration is winter and light, with cold hard edges and sharp angles. The torch light enhanced the effects and the colours.


Rococo Garden…

Clarity in a season of rain. Contrasts, light, shadows and reflections.

A chance call to the Gardens on the day before their official season opening. I’m very glad I did. The first snow drops of the season appear which is something i’ve missed for the past 2 years! The beautiful red and brown beech leaves lying all over the ground.


Light hits art & architecture…

Lighting up public art, lighting architecture and the other side of the art.


Light sabre blur…

The boys playing with their glowing blue light sabres…


Technics music blur…

the wheels of steel spin and the camera clicks. I think I need to spend more time actually mixing rather than taking pictures of the equipment!


Kitchen extension ideas…

Some great gallery images of kitchen extensions on

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We’ve gone through just about every possibility of extending our living space, all of which so far have been beyond are very modest budget! My latest idea is to simply use the existing shell of the kitchen and utility area and to just redesign the space into a kitchen / dining room area, with large double French doors onto the garden.

This will mean no knocking down walls, building new walls, moving drains, laying foundations, no skylights etc. It will just mean putting a new pitched and tiled roof on the existing utility room (it’s a flat roof at present) and extending the walls up a bit.

The other main thing will be to insert a load-bearing steel lintel to support the end gable of the house, allowing us to open up the existing space into a single space. This may sound complicated but it just involves propping up the existing walls with removable steel supports then sliding in the new steel. We’d get a builder to do this and the roof and we’re getting quotes right now. Hopefully it’ll be affordable!

The connection to the garden is really important and means we would be able to see the kids without needing to be right by them outside. It would also improve our connection to the seasons and outside, including more light, better views and an improved feeling of space inside.

All the other jobs we can do ourselves, such as getting a new window for the kitchen, finding and installing the French doors to the garden, fitting a new kitchen, painting and decorating. I feel some major Doing Yourself In coming!