Gloucester Cathedral lighting trials…

A great lighting trial at Gloucester Cathedral last night. Testing new LED lighting for St. Mary’s Gate and the South Porch, which is the Cathedral’s main entrance.

Some nice textures in the stone as the light grazes it.


St. Nicholas Church lighting trial…

A really good lighting test at St. Nicholas Church in Gloucester. We tested out lots of different styles, effects and colours on various parts of the church. The idea is to produce an exterior lighting scheme, but the interior effect will be amazing.

Can’t wait to see this scheme up and running.

St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 078 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 092 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 085 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 127 St. Nicholas lighting 29.04.14 - 109


Lock Warehouse lighting scheme…

The latest architectural lighting scheme for Gloucester, applied to the Grade ll listed Lock Warehouse within the docks basin.

Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 20 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 10 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 08 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 19 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 15 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 13 Lock Warehouse lighting 15.02.13 - 02

Here’s the gallery format for the photos…

The scheme is made up of 24, bi-directional wall-mounted lights, which illuminate both the building itself and the area surrounding the building.


The application of light…

A lighting trial in progress at the Docks. Trial and error, educated guesses and the application of effort and light!


Out and about in Bristol…

A cool and random night out and good chance to have some time away from Gloucester and our two lovely boys!

If you ever get a chance to see the comedian Philberto, you have to go – one of the best stand ups I have ever seen. His impression of a Glaswegian was awesome.


The National Museum of Liverpool…

The brand new Museum of Liverpool has just opened. Designed by 3XN Architects, this is the largest museum to open in britain for 100 years.

There is also an interesting description about the use of staircases as central hubs and also social interaction spaces, including views of internal areas. This is exactly the approach taken by the Guggenheim Museum in New York, where the central staircase forms the actual main galleries, with a large central space.

The Guggenheim New York central atrium


Buro Happold Lighting took care of the illuminations and with great effect.

Link to their website:


Francis Tibbalds Award – our shortlisted lighting project…!

For the last 4 years or so, Claire and I have been working on a lighting strategy for Gloucester. Out of this has come a number of actual projects and we’ve been lucky enough to be shortlisted for an award connected with the Urban Design Group. This is the Francis Tibbalds Award – shortlisted for Public Sector Projects.

The submission has been featured in this konths Urban Design Journal and the voting will only be open to Urban Design Group members only. We’re up against some fairly large projects so not sure if we’ll win but being shortlisted is an achivement in itself.

The other projects include a riverside walk improvment scheme for the City of London, a new pedestrian and cycle elevated bridge in Alesbury, new public spaces in Barking town centre and regeneration initiatives in West Street Cultural Quarter (Swadlincote – Midlands). All of these have their strong points and I feel it’ll be the London or the Aylesbury entries that get the award (not to be too defeatest!).

All the entrants can be viewed here: UD2011-Public_sector_shortlisted[1]

So that’s the second article i’ve had published (with edits and contributions from Claire!) and the award ceremony is on 2nd February in London.

The only thing I left out of the submission was the re-lighting of the cathedral tower – ok, you might think this is a major ommission but all we did with that was change 4 bulbs from a horrible yellow sodium colour to a clear white version (to pick out the architectural detailing more clearly)! Originally we had a much more advanced scheme designed for the tower but the cathedral didn’t like it! It involved more detailed lighting of specific features (such as the pinnacles).

The thing is, it would have looked really good included within the submission even if there was minimal work involved! I also have loads of really impressive photos. Hindsight is a great thing.


St. Oswald’s Priory lighting, take 3…

Following an incident of vandalism to the lighting scheme at St. oswald’s Priory in Gloucester, we’ve finally managed to get much of the scheme up and running again.

One minor setback though was that there was a further incident of vandalism there, where two more of the lights were knocked out! The contractors will now have to come back out again in the nest few months. The thing is that it takes a minimum of 2 months to get the equipment plus the extra time to organise and order. They managed to get the newly replaced lights working so at least it’s almost fully functional for the winter and Christmas period.

We’ve also been organising for protective metal grills to be fitted to the lights and now hopefully these will deter further damage.


Wood & lighting…

Made a slightly random trip last night to collect some wood and take some photos. I’d noticed a large piece of branch/trunk in the Park earlier in the week and managed to get that in the boot. problem was, there was no parking in our street when I got back home, so had to park in the next street, half way up!

Got some nice pics of the two latest lighting scheme around the cathedral. I’d already put a few on of the Bishop Hooper Monument, but this time I took my tripod, so got less blurred images. Also got pics of the Infirmary Arcade.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Really happy with how they’ve turned out and two steps closer to completing the lighting in that Quarter of the city centre.



Ok, some really bad news for the new lighting scheme at St. Oswald’s Priory in Gloucester:

Article in the Saturday Citizen

I can’t say i’m completely surprised as there had been some minor vandalism months before but this seems like a systematic attack. Also at 4:30pm?? Did they want to get caught.

Very annoying given it’s taken 2 years to get the scheme designed, given the OK by English Heritage and implemented.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait to see what the Magistrates Court says but the £6,000 (or more) cost for replacing the lights may not be forthcoming.