Lygia Pape’s ‘Livro do Tempo’…

‘As a retrospective of Brazilian modernist artist¬†Lygia Pape¬†takes place at London’s Serpentine gallery, critic Adrian Searle discusses Livro do Tempo (The Book of Time), an installation of 365 wooden objects. Pape, who died in 2004, was a founder of the neo-concrete movement, dedicated to the inclusion of art into everyday life.’

Lygia Pape’s Livro do Tempo

This is very inspiring stuff. I’ve had an image of basically something very much like this in my head for maybe a year and this shows how effective this approach can be.

My idea is to present the images, shots, snaps, photos which i’ve been using for my blog header over the last 2.5 years (plus other selected images) as a series of life frames. The idea wouldn’t be to present them in an overly formal way and to also not focus the images into a formal band at eye level. I would like to present something which people would explore and use the wall space more thoroughly.

The video also talks about the ‘gaps’ in the installation, which represent missing days, or re-arranged days. The gaps could form a significant pattern.